Year 7

In year 7 the pupils are introduced to computational thinking. Throughout the year they learn how to submit work electronically using Google classroom, they study the main types of Software, computing devices, operating system and the key components that are found inside a computer. They also learn about the importance of e-safety. Towards the end of year 7 they look at key principles of Computer science, including binary. 

Year 8
In year 8 pupils start to use scratch to develop their understanding of computer programming. Using scratch to create algorithms to draw shapes and create animations. At the end of year 8 they look specifically at how images are represented on the computer and how they be manipulated.

Year 9
In year 9 pupils are given an introduction to programming using the popular language of Python which is used in industry to program websites/Apps such as YouTube, Dropbox  and Spotify. 
Towards the end of year 9 pupils begin to work on GCSE level Python programming tasks. 

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