Parent Reviews

We value comments and reviews from our Parents past and present. See below our Parent reviews:

Comments from our Parents, 2020-2021

*As newbies to the school we instantly noticed the warm smiles and welcome from the staff. This is a caring school.

*We are so grateful for Trinity school for providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment in which our daughter receives a lovely education and is really well  supported and cared for by a dedicated staff team.

*She has absolutely loved it and has integrated immediately due to all the lovely staff (teaching and otherwise) and Headmaster. I was extremely worried about how the change would affect her i.e. moving schools and I can only say it’s been a wonderful, positive experience for which I am extremely grateful to you all.

Comments from our Parents, 2018-2019

* I was very anxious and worried about changing school but all of my children settled very well, they were welcomed on trial day and settled very quickly. Whole staff including head teachers, class teachers, nursery teachers and admin staff are all very co operative and helpful. The level of education is very good and on the whole everyone is extremely helpful and co operative, will definitely recommend to friends and relatives.

* My daughter is a happy child and has  settled in well Trinity having only began in September 2018. Every aspect of her being is valued and nurtured. Each and every teacher she has is passionate about her learning. I have no doubt in my mind that this is where she is suppose to be, and the epitome of her growth, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally… every which way. She shows a drive in her learning and always has a yearning to do her best. It isn’t just a school, it is an extended family.

*Our children love school, what a parents’ dream! Knowing your children are happy, safe and cared for, the children have thrived. Seeing them develop enthusiasm for life through learning is priceless. Trinity isn’t just a school. It’s a family where every child matters. Trinity gives children their smiles back.

Comments from our Parents, 2017

* If you want a school where the children hit the ground running, look no further, kids love it and miss it during the holidays, amazing. Trinity take a holistic view of education, your child is not just educated, they are cared for. (Parents of Secondary)

* My daughter started at Trinity in 2015 into year 10. I moved her to the school after she was bullied in a large mainstream local school. The pupils and teachers at Trinity gave her such a warm welcome and helped her settle in. Since then her low confidence has vastly improved as have her grades, and she is so much happier. I really wish I had moved her to this school earlier. I feel blessed to have a child at this caring school. Highly recommend Trinity to other parents. (Parent of Secondary)

* Trinity is a place where my children feel safe and where they can be free to be themselves. They can be true to their Christian faith without fear of persecution. They can be educated in ways that are mainstream but also in their spiritual growth. My children are confident, happy, bright and respectful.  (Parent of Primary & Secondary children) 

* He loves playing in the outdoors in the Trinity Treasures’ playground! I love the small class sizes because I know that the teachers really care for each child as an individual.  (Parent of Nursery child)

* I am happy sending my two boys to Trinity.  Moreover, they are happy.  Aside from excellent teacher/pupil interaction, a safe and nurturing environment is provided and as such my sons are given the confidence to thrive, both academically and personally.  I couldn’t have them anywhere else.  (Parent of Secondary children)


There are also some other websites where parents/others have reviewed the school.  Feel free to add your own and read for yourself what peoples experiences are of Trinity School.

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