In Key Stage 3, students develop various skills such as:

  • Drawing and sketching in 2D and 3D.
  • Application of colour theory and using typography.
  • Mechanisms and types of movement.
  • Research and understanding of the environment.
  • Application of surface development and card engineering using hand tools, including designing and making Charity Boxes.
  • Using printing processes and techniques.
  • Using CAD/CAM for model making.

At GCSE the pupils are required to design and make products such as: CD packaging, fast food delivery boxes, interactive books for children and many other card and paper based products.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their research, design, planning, making and evaluation skills.  To assist their performance all pupils, have access to a fully equipped IT suite and in addition, the Design & Technology classroom, which is permanently set up with its own access to computers, printers, a cutting machine and the internet.

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