Key Stage 3 Food Technology
Students in Key stage 3 develop skills in food preparation, food hygiene, healthy eating and diet.  They also learn about the science of food, food provenance and cuisine from other cultures and countries.
Year 7- the focus is on developing basic food preparation skills, learning centres around the eatwell guide and healthy eating.
Year 8- more complex practical skills and processes are taught.  The focus is on food from other cultures and countries and the part that food plays in festivals and celebrations.
Year 9- more is learnt about the principles of nutrition, students learn to adapt recipes and about the needs of groups making specific food choices e.g. vegan and vegetarian. More complex dishes are attempted developing skills in preparation for GCSE.

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (AQA)
Year 10/11 practical food skills are further developed as is the knowledge of nutrition.  Students undertake food science investigations and study food provenance and the environmental impact of food production alongside ways to minimise food waste.
The GCSE is assessed as follows
50% written examination
50% controlled assessment, consisting of 2 tasks


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