Not everyone loves Maths, but pupils can enjoy Maths lessons.
Maths can be confusing and scary: like a new place or person. In time everyone can grow to love it: or at least have a positive and confident working relationship with it!

In KS3 we use to enhance learning and monitor homework.

In KS4 we also use DESMOS graphing software for 'scarier' Maths.  Sometimes we use other resources, from models and props to games and snow!...

Year 11s sit the Edexcel GCSE Maths papers, which we start working towards from year 9.

Our small class sizes facilitate progress and learning for pupils of all abilities and experience. Problem-solving and critical thinking strategies are encouraged, thus developing the pupils’ ability to think independently.

God has put Maths all around us. Mathematical knowledge and understanding opens up a world of possibilities!

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